Nanci Doherty, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist OR Lic. #11469


"I have been receiving massage for 25 years by different professionals in different states.  I go to the gym regularly and Nanci's intuition and ability to "read" my muscles and connective tissue provides the stress relief I need.  She is superb in her craft.  I have been working with her for almost two years and recommend her highly.  She is dedicated and accomplished in her craft.  She is caring and delivers."  ~ Wayne P.


"What a sweet lady and her massages are fabulous.  Everyone should go see her.  Best part of my day when I'm there."  ~ Wanita K.


"Nanci, you do a very effective and relaxing massage!" ~


"Lovely lady.  Great massages.  Worth your time to do this for yourself."  ~